A little about me:

When I was a kid I was surrounded by artists in my family.  Both of my grandmothers, dear old dad, and my older brother were all amazing at drawing and painting.  I tried to follow in their footsteps, but could never quite get there.  That is until I picked up a camera in my first photo class in high school.  I was hooked! 

Any photograph that I take is an extension of myself.

It is what I find to look cool, beautiful, funny, sweet, etc.  I love the sculpted lines of a vintage car, the bright colors of a mural, the texture of old paint on a wall, the way the afternoon light warms a face, a dark silhouette against the sunset. I am fascinated by the way they can show love between a bride and groom, the sassy side of a woman’s personality, or the carefree attitude of a child.  I love that my photographs tell it all without any words at all.

Engagement Sessions:

I absolutely love the engagement sessions!  This is my opportunity to get to know my couple before the wedding and see what makes them tick.  I love capturing the first nervous giggles to the way they get lost in each other’s eyes.  By the end of the session we have become good friends which really make me feel connected to them on wedding day.


I think I fall in love at almost every wedding I go to!  I get consumed in the happiness of the day where every detail is so beautiful.  I get wrapped up in the laughter, happy tears and precious moments and feel blessed to be able to capture these with my camera.

Anytime Portrait Sessions:

Beyond wedding days there are also expecting mommies, little ones, families, anniversaries, doggies, and rockin’ boudoir days for me.  I love photography and all that I can capture with it in daily life.